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A Place to Learn, Share, & Grow

By My Side seeks to support and strengthen family and community life by promoting understanding and resilience within families and communities through positive social interaction, education, networking, and community building across economic, generational and cultural lines. Our mission is to provide all families with a warm and welcoming environment in which they can enhance their children's lives through age appropriate play while simultaneously providing a welcoming community where families can connect and expand their parenting village. By My Side is nurturing families and growing community. We are a 501c3 parenting program focused on providing quality programming and resources for children and those who care for them. 

Our Staff

Teri Ramsay - Founder & Executive Director

Teri has spent the last 20+ years advocating for the importance of nurturing families and 
strengthening communities. She emphasizes a broader understanding of the importance of play 
in childhood development and provides an environment where kids can freely be themselves. Working with young children and their parents/caregivers is where she shines. In her mind, there is nothing more important than supporting families as they grow. She has been a Fishtown resident for over 30 years and as a former Head Start/Early Head Start Parent Educator, a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 12 - she has firsthand experience on the importance of a strong village to help support families on their journey.

Sandi Vincenti -  Co-founder By My Side Nature Heroes
Sandi has spent the last 16 years teaching, directing, and advocating for the importance of early childhood education as well as environmental education.  She emphasizes a holistic approach to learning that values the whole, unique child.  Sandi is also mother to an amazing certified nature wildlife habitat known as  Child's Inspiration Wildlife Discovery Garden.  She draws her inspiration from the beautiful world around us which is here to discover.  She has been a Fishtown resident for  many years and is a mother of 3 - she looks forward to every new experience and every new challenge as an ongoing learning journey; and as everything connected.