COVID-19 Playgroup support!


We exceeded our goal by $55!! Thank you all SO much!

As we all know, everything is shut down during this pandemic to include Playgroup!

We could use your support to help us through this trying time.

Please consider making a donation! We'd be ever grateful!

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Goal: $2000.00 | Raised: $1242.00 Started: January 10, 2021
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Hi, Friends & supporters of Playgroup!

I hope you are well and managing to maintain some sense of sanity~~

The last time we asked you for support was early on in our national COVID pandemic crisis.

You came through like a champ helping us raise $2055.

Never in a million years, did we think we'd still be dealing with this awful disease & program shutdowns into the Fall let alone the New Year!

Playgroup came back on July 20th for 2 mornings a week with a limit of 6 families per group.

When the latest restrictions on indoor gathering went into effect on Nov. 20th, we were forced to close again and have been ever since. From July to Nov, we hosted 51 families who were so grateful for the opportunity to get out of the house in a safe, fun enviornment. We look forward to slowly getting back to that!

While we managed to garner funds to keep the basics going through Fall, we could really use your support to help us build back lost revenue as we hope to reopen sometime in the next month.

We are ever so thankful for anything you can spare! $5 or $10 will help get us to our goal!

Thank you in advance for considering supporting our wonderful community!!!

If PayPal isn't you thing, our Venmo is @Theresa-Ramsay-3

Peace, love & playdough